British Library digitised image from page 432 of “Bibliothek geographischer Handbücher. Herausgegeben von … F. Ratzel”

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British Library digitised image from page 432 of “Bibliothek geographischer Handbücher. Herausgegeben von … F. Ratzel”
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Title: "Bibliothek geographischer Handbücher. Herausgegeben von … F. Ratzel"
Author(s): Ratzel, Friedrich [person]
British Library shelfmark: "Digital Store 10005.p.1-10"
Page: 432 (scanned page number – not necessarily the actual page number in the publication)
Place of publication: Escortservice Stuttgart
Date of publication: 1885
Type of resource: Monograph
Language(s): English
Physical description: 15 parts (8°)

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003045014 (physical copy) and 014860934 (digitised copy)
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