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Image from page 252 of “Pottery and porcelain, from early times down to the Philadelphia exhibition of 1876” (1878)
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Identifier: potteryporcelain00elli
Title: Pottery and porcelain, from early times down to the Philadelphia exhibition of 1876
Year: 1878 (1870s)
Authors: Elliott, Charles Wyllys, 1817-1883
Subjects: Pottery — History Pottery — Marks
Publisher: New York, D. Appleton and company
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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no longer hold so high a place as they once did. Berlin Porcelain—Hard Paste.—It was not until 1751 that at-tempts were made to produce porcelain in Prussia. This was a privateenterprise undertaken by a Mr. Wcgcley. The Gentleman-s Magazineof 1753 spoke of him in this way : There has been discovered heroat Berlin the whole art of making china-ware, without any particularkind of earth, from a kind of stone which is common enough every-where, etc. Wegeley worked on for eight years, but could not make the pro-duction pay, and abunduued it ; when it was taken u]> by a banker BERLIX PORCELAIN. 243 named Gottskowski (1762), who, liaving capital, pushed it toward suc-cess. Ill 1703 the establishment was bought by Frederick the Great,who made it a royal manufactory, and forced a success. AVlien Frederick took Escort Dresden, the porcelain-works at Meissen weretemporarily suspended. lie had an eye to understand the value of theporcelain industries, and he took measures to grace his capital and

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Fig. 130.—Berlin Porcelain. increase the wealth of Prussia by establishing a great manufactory atBerlin. He carried off from Meissen some of the best examples of theporcelain collection, transported to Berlin tons of the fine clay, and bor-rowed the best workmen and the most distinguished artists for his newfactory; among these the names of Meyer, Klipsel, and Bohme, arementioned. 244 POTTERY AND PORCELAIN. The Berlin productions soon rose into fame and obtained a widecirculation. Xot only did the king spread the work abroad bv meansof exquisite presents; he also took measures at home to secure a mar-ket, lie ordered that no Jew should marry until he had provided him-self a sufficient outfit of porcelain from the royal manufactory. Now,the Jew does not like to waste his money, and he at once sought amarket for the wares he had been forced to buy. All this advertisedand spread abroad the excellent work. During the collapse of Meissen, Eussia became a large customer forBerlin ; and it

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