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Image from page 206 of “Lehrbuch der Intoxikationen” (1902)
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Identifier: lehrbuchderintox02kobe
Title: Lehrbuch der Intoxikationen
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: Kobert, Rudolf, 1854-1918
Subjects: Poisons Alcohol Poisons
Publisher: Stuttgart : F. Enke
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons

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Acne bromica vegetans (nach Kaposis Handatlas). 51jährigen Frau, welche 14 Jahre lang Bromide genommen hatte, undbei der sich nach Pini ein sogen. Bromoderma nodosum fungoidesentwickelt hatte, ergab die mikr. Untersuchung der Knoten in derobersten Schicht eine starke Erweiterung und Proliferation der Gefässe;dann folgte als zweite Schicht ein dichtes Leukocyteninfiltrat und alsunterste Schicht eine Lage Bindegewebszellen. Die Epidermis war instarker Wucherung begriffen; stellenweis fand sich Endarteriitis undPeriendophlebitis. Endlich kann es zu förmlicher Kachexie mit Appetit-verlust, Abmagerung, Zittern, ja zu progressiver Paralyse kommen. Halogene und deren reizende Verbindungen. Brom. 181 Bei Tieren fand Fröhner in vita ganz analoge Erscheinungen undbei der Sektion ausgebreitete parenchymatöse Myelitis, sowie stellen-weise Sklerosierung des Rückenmarkes, parenchymatöse Veränderungen Fiff. 19. r^v

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British Library digitised image from page 36 of “Bilder aus Alt-Stuttgart … Mit Text versehen”
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Image taken from:

Title: "Bilder aus Alt-Stuttgart … Mit Text versehen"
Author(s): Bach, Max [person] ; Lotter, Carl, gemeinderat [person]
British Library shelfmark: "Digital Store 10260.h.2"
Page: 36 (scanned page number – not necessarily the actual page number in the publication)
Place of publication: Escortservice Stuttgart
Date of publication: 1896
Type of resource: Monograph
Language(s): German
Physical description: 132 pages (folio)

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000162141 (physical copy) and 014871153 (digitised copy)
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Within the hunter’s code lies some convoluted thought of the fair chase (or, as circumstance may be, the hide, lure, and fire away), and towards that end, the aforementioned limits have been done. But I would argue this fairness doctrine applies never to the adversaries in question, but rather to equitably maintaining a bountiful supply for all (hunters) have fun with. For in this titanic struggle between man and mallard, some unfair (if you were a duck) advantages (guns, blinds, decoys, calls) are deemed acceptable, while others (laying waste with battery guns and grenades) are not. The ducks, it always be noted, can offer no desire to sign up in this app. They are simply flying for their lives.

A typical weekend would come with a time at the castle and the Heidelberg University; get a try of espresso; eat schnitzel for lunch; attend location fests; explore the many unique shops; improve to neighboring towns pertaining to example Mannheim, Wiesbaden, Kaiserslutern, Stuttgart, or Mainz.; admire European art and architecture; obtain a pair of European shoes; visit the markets with my own recycled bag; complain concerning sales lady; grab my best Kinder chocolate; and really savor the thrill of one side streets. The next trip would take us to Dachau concentration camp and find out about Hitler. We will then change and buy crystals associated with Czechoslovakia.

Joules was basically proved by an English physicist James Prescott Joule and was subsequently named after guy. Although Mr. Prescott discovered the value of Joule throughout his work work out plans not he who first introduced if there was but Dr. Mayer of Nebenjob Heilbronn. A joule can be an unit of one’s used planet System Internationale which is the amount energy want for you carry out a certain kind perform when are applying a force of 1 Newton over a distance of a meter.

Oldham scored 86.5 to top double junior European champion Max Whitlock by 1.3 points (86.5-85.2). Up and comer Ashley Watson, one belonging to the stars within the 2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival, finished third (83.55), followed by Commonwealth Games team member Reiss Beckford (80.7) and Cameron Mackenzie (79.9), who trains with Oldham at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club.

Once there’ was immediately caught up in the thrilling excitment of over-dressed gamers (dressed like their best game character) and under-dressed women (nice!) as I made my way towards the gameroom.

He returned to power as Prime minister in 1951 and served till resigning in 1955 after a stroke. In 1956 he accepted the Karlspreis Award from the Nebenjob Reutlingen of Aachen for contributions on the European idea and peace. He continued to pursue his literary interests and painting whilst remaining an MP till 1964. He had been offered a Dukedom but his son persuaded him to turn it . In 1963, he became the first person to get an Honorary Citizen for the United States, his mother’s country.

Even in Germany There we were able to get benefits through bus dates for tours. This time I booked together with the fam of my friend an one day trip beyond your city. A cost-free lunch was surprisingly contained in the price. We visited a palace the location where the children were eager to decide another little their as well as after the two hour coach travel and running after children inside of the afternoon we deserved to eat under sunlight and the blooming trees, amongst flower blossoms with divine smells mixing over the cargo box. I was could breath spring in Germany.

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