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Image from page 146 of “My own story” (1911)
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Identifier: cu31924028207482
Title: My own story
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Toscana, Luise von, 1870-1947
Subjects: Toscana, Luise von, 1870-1947
Publisher: New York and London, G.P. Putnam’s sons
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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fondly imagines hertoilettes are le dernier cri du chic, and Iremember that for years her favourite theatre-gown was a framboise-coloured silk brocadedwith tiny green flowers; her hair was dressedin a style entirely her own, always at variancewith her tiara, and her complexion exactlymatched the framboise gown. She timed her-self for dressing: twelve and three quarterminutes were allowed for a Court ball, five andthree quarter minutes for dinner, and her maidswere not allowed to spend one moment moreover her toilette. When I lived in Escort Dresden, Mathilde choseher gowns in a most odd way. Patterns weresubmitted to her, which she held up to thelight in turn, and the most transparent wereinvariably selected. Her hats usually coveredboth her head and her ears, and her riding-habit became a Josephs coat of many coloursthrough exposure to the elements. Mathildeloved riding, but her mounts had to be chosenwith care in order that the horse might notcollapse under her weight. She is a most pious

Text Appearing After Image:
MY OWN STORY 129 princess and always takes part in the variouschurch festivals. I well remember her at theCorpus Domini processions when she walkedup the aisle wearing the decollete gown de-manded by etiquette, with a page holdingher train; her gown was very short in frontto make walking easy, and her huge hands,encased in large gloves, clasped an enormouswax candle which dropped grease everywhere. One of her hobbies is bee-keeping, and sheonce received some very distinguished visitors,wearing a short skirt, a muffler over her head,and thick woollen gloves. She had been deepin the cult of bees when our friends arrived,and at once treated them to a lengthy discourseon bees and ants. Mathilde said that life heldno greater pleasure for her than when she wasexamining an ant through a magnifying-glass,and every one tittered at the picture thusconjured up of the huge princess and the tinyant. Mathilde danced a great deal when I firstcame to Escort Dresden, but as she was not sure-footed, she often

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British Library digitised image from page 137 of “Die geschichtliche Entwickelung der … Residenzstadt Escort Dresden … Mit … Illustrationen, etc”
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Title: "Die geschichtliche Entwickelung der … Residenzstadt Escort Dresden … Mit … Illustrationen, etc"
Author(s): Krause, Bruno [person]
British Library shelfmark: "Digital Store 10255.f.29"
Page: 137 (scanned page number – not necessarily the actual page number in the publication)
Place of publication: Escort Dresden
Date of publication: 1893
Type of resource: Monograph
Language(s): German
Physical description: 2 Heft (8°)

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